FLAC 1.4.3 released - 23 Jun 2023

The development for this release focused on the tools, flac and metaflac, whereas the previous few releases had the focus on libFLAC. The main improvement in flac is its handling of foreign metadata on decoding a file (i.e. restoring the foreign metadata), metaflac has had a few features added. Both tools have been vetted with fuzzing, resulting in numerous small fixes.

FLAC 1.4.2 released - 22 Oct 2022

Like the last release, this release only has a few changes. A problem with FLAC playback in GStreamer (and possibly other libFLAC users) was the reason for the short time since the last release.

FLAC 1.4.1 released - 22 Sep 2022

This release mostly fixes a few build system changes compared to FLAC 1.4.0. The reason this release follows 1.4.0 so quickly is because the 1.4.0 release tarball had emtpy man pages in it, which weren’t being rebuilt without user intervention.

FLAC 1.4.0 released - 09 Sep 2022

This release brings many small improvements and a few large ones. Here are the most important for end-users:

FLAC decoder testbench - 08 Sep 2022

Besides the libraries and tools provided here, there are many independently implemented encoders and decoders of the FLAC format. To help developers of FLAC decoders to improve their product, a set of conformance test files can be found at github under the name FLAC decoder testbench.

FLAC 1.3.4 released - 20 Feb 2022

Various security, robustness fixes, and build system improvements. Minor bug fixes. See the changelog for more information.

FLAC 1.3.3 released - 04 Aug 2019

Minor code and build system improvements. Minor bug fixes. See the changelog for more information.

FLAC 1.3.2 released - 01 Jan 2017

Code improvements and hardening and many minor bug fixes. See the changelog for more information.

FLAC 1.3.1 released - 27 Nov 2014

A new release after 18 months of improvements, triggered by a security issue. Faster encoding and decoding, slightly better compression. Many small code and build improvements. See the changelog for more information

Technics announces FLAC store - 21 Nov 2014

Technics announced that it will open a download store, serving high-resolution FLAC files. This will start January 2015 and will be available to people in the UK and Germany.

Two new FLAC streaming services - 30 Oct 2014

Two new FLAC streaming services have been announced recently: Deezer Elite and TIDAL. Deezer Elite, which streams exclusively in the FLAC format, will at first only be available to owners of a Sonos sound system living in the United States. TIDAL will stream in FLAC and Apple Lossless to mobile devices as well

Baboom: FLAC streaming service - 03 Jul 2014

Kim Dotcom has announced a new music streaming platform which will stream in the FLAC audio format. It has been teased a few years ago and a launch date is not yet known, so it might still take some time before it is available

Pono and Pono Player announced - 13 Mar 2014

PonoMusic has announced it will launch a portable music player playing FLAC files and a music download service featuring only FLAC files. Both are expected to be available later this year

Bruce Springsteen's live shows in FLAC - 31 Jan 2014

Bruce Springsteen's live shows are now available online in the FLAC format

AURALiC announces FLAC-capable device - 02 Jan 2014

AURALiC introduces a whole-house music solution at this year’s CES in Las Vegas: AURALiC Lightning Streaming. This device is capable of handling a surprising amount of formats, including FLAC, over WiFi

Headphones with FLAC support announced - 25 Dec 2013

A new product with native FLAC support has been announced: Streamz headphones. These headphones feature built-in storage and playing capabilities (including playing FLAC files) and can be streamed to from various devices

VLC supports FLAC embedded in AVI - 02 Oct 2013

With the release of VLC 2.1.0, VLC player now supports FLAC audio streams in an AVI container. VLC has been supporting FLAC from MKV containers for a long time, but AVI support has only recently been added

Marantz launches new FLAC-playing receivers - 29 Jul 2013

Marantz has unveiled their new Melody series, the Melody Media and the Melody Stream. Both are capable of decoding FLAC files

FLAC 1.3.0 released - 01 Jun 2013

First release in over 6 years from the new Xiph.Org maintainer team. No big changes. Many small code and build improvements.

Sony launches its first FLAC-playing receiver - 30 May 2013

With the introduction of the STR-DN840 and STR-DN1040, Sony has introduced its first receivers supporting FLAC playback. While Sony had already a few products supporting FLAC through the Android operating system, these are the first non-Android Sony product supporting FLAC

New Pioneer receivers play FLAC gaplessly - 15 Apr 2013

While Pioneer's receivers have had FLAC support for some years now, their new VSX receivers now finally support gapless playback.

VLC fixes FLAC 7 and 8 channel playback - 12 Apr 2013

The FLAC channel ordering for 7 and 8 channel playback as defined a few months ago on the FLAC-dev mailinglist has found its way to VLC media player. Furthermore support for FLAC audio in MKV-files has been fixed too

Sonos Playbar supports FLAC - 09 Apr 2013

Sonos has released it's Playbar, a soundbar which can be directly connected to a device or used standalone. It is able to play FLAC-files from various network sources by using a smartphone or tablet as a remote control.

Umphrey’s McGee offers show in FLAC format - 05 Apr 2013

Umphrey’s McGee, an American progressive rock band, now offers an option to enjoy their shows live through headphones for the best experience plus a download of the whole show in either MP3 or FLAC for $40. A regular ticket to the show and a deposit (for renting the headphones) are required.

Android-app enables multitrack FLAC recording - 24 Jan 2013

eXtream Software Development has released a stand-alone app for Android devices titled USB Audio Recorder PRO. It’s a simple record and playback application that is the first to allow devices running Android 3.1 or higher to talk to a USB 1.0 or 2.0 compliant audio card, and vice-versa. It is able to record to WAV, FLAC and OGG Vorbis on the go.

Soundtrack of Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion available as FLAC - 12 Jan 2013

Steam now sells the soundtrack of the game Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion as a DLC. It contains over 2 hours of music from the game. The DLC consists of the soundtrack in two formats: MP3 and FLAC.

Google Play cloud service supports FLAC - 19 Dec 2012

Google announces that Google Play, an online music shop, now has a cloud service that matches music on the users computer with music on Google Play and uploads music not on Google Play. This way, music can be streamed back to any PC or Android-device. The scanner, Google’s Music Manager, supports FLAC and OGG Vorbis alongside non-DRM WMA, AAC and MP3

Olive One with FLAC support - 18 Dec 2012

Olive announces the One, their "All-in-One Home Music Player" as they call it. It supports WAV, AIF, FLAC and Apple Lossless as lossless formats as well as MP3, AAC, OGG Vorbis as lossy formats

Astell & Kern AK100 with FLAC support - 17 Dec 2012

At $699 not your average media player, but this Astell & Kern AK100 from iRiver Japan comes with support for WAV, FLAC, APE, OGG Vorbis and of course MP3 and stands out for being able of playing 192kHz/24-bit files, the latter being only possible when using either WAV of FLAC as file format. Beside using it as a (portable) media player, it can be used as DAC as well

Highresaudio.com offers FLAC - 28 Aug 2012

The European-based Highresaudio.com has started to offer high-resolution 'studio-master' versions of all kinds of music. They offer downloads as FLAC, ALAC and WAV and sell DVD's containing FLAC-files as burn-on-demand.

Javascript FLAC decoder released - 17 Jun 2012

Developers from Official.fm have built a nice piece of javascript-code that is able to decode FLAC-files. The code can be used to feed FLAC-data to the 'web-audio' API which is to be included in the HTML5 standard. This would enable FLAC-driven DJ-apps or audioeditors with HTML5.

Cubase now supports FLAC - 01 Mar 2012

With the release of version 6.5, Cubase now supports exporting to FLAC

FLAC development moved to Xiph.org - 01 Feb 2012

Develoment of FLAC has been moved from Sourceforge to Xiph.org. For more information, see the linked mail

HP's WebOS now FLAC-enabled - 19 Oct 2011

HP new release of the mobile-OS WebOS now features out-of-the-box support for OGG Vorbis en FLAC.

Android natively plays back FLAC - 11 May 2011

With the release of Android 3.1 (Honeycomb) Android now supports playback of the FLAC format. This supports stereo, 44.1kHz/16-bit files. While 48kHz and 24-bit are played back, this is not correctly implemented in most devices.

BlackBerry start supporting FLAC playback - 24 Sep 2010

RIM released an update for the BlackBerry Torch 9800 and Curve 9300 which adds support for both FLAC and OGG Vorbis playback

Beatles re-masters available in FLAC - 07 Dec 2009

The Beatles have released 14 re-mastered albums in 24-bit FLAC on a themed USB drive.

Electric Arguments available in FLAC - 10 Dec 2008

Paul McCartney's side project The Fireman has released its new album Electric Arguments as a digital download, and available in FLAC.

Songbird 1.0 released - 03 Dec 2008

Songbird, a new open and customizable music player, is out and it supports FLAC natively. For Mac, Linux, and Windows.

Squeezebox Boom supports FLAC - 02 Sep 2008

The Squeezebox Boom is out: Slim Devices' latest home audio player weds their award-winning receiver with built-in speakers and as always has excellent FLAC support out of the box.

David Byrne, Brian Eno album available in FLAC - 19 Aug 2008

David Byrne and Brian Eno's new album Everything That Happens Will Happen Today is also available in FLAC.

Pearl Jam 2008 Tour in FLAC - 11 Jun 2008

Pearl Jam is bringing back their "bootleg" program for their upcoming 2008 tour. Shows will be available for download in FLAC and MP3.

"Divertimenti" available in hi-res FLAC - 02 Jun 2008

TrondheimSolistene has released its new album Divertimenti in an interesting array of formats, including both 5.1 and stereo 24bit/96kHz FLAC downloads.

HDtracks sells music in FLAC - 23 May 2008

HDtracks offers their large music catalog in FLAC, AIFF, and MP3, and plans to offer 96kHz/24-bit FLAC files soon.

New players from Olive support FLAC - 21 May 2008

The new Opus No.4 and Melody No.2 digital audio players from Olive support FLAC streams up to 96kHz/24bit and embedded cover-art, and feature hi-res color touchscreens and up to 1TB storage. Stay tuned for a review here in May.

indietorrent.org up and selling FLAC - 14 May 2008

A new site called indietorrent.org is up and running. indietorrent.org is a digital music store which "enables independent musicians to sell their own music while keeping all profits." FLAC is one of the available formats.

T+A E-Series supports FLAC - 17 Mar 2008

The T+A E-Series Music Player supports FLAC.

FLAC in the New York Times - 12 Mar 2008

FLAC love has spread to the New York Times in an article on digital music in the home. The Squeezebox, Sonos, and McIntosh also get nods.

Teclast M25 supports FLAC - 11 Mar 2008

The Teclast M25 portable supports FLAC.

H-QuAD hardware FLAC decoder - 10 Mar 2008

The H-QuAD project aims to create a FLAC decoder core implemented entirely in hardware.

McIntosh MS750 supports FLAC - 09 Mar 2008

The McIntosh MS750 music server supports FLAC.

New FLAC portables - 08 Mar 2008

A few new portables support FLAC: the Onda VX888, the Ainol U80SE, the Epoq EMP-TS30-4 and the WindTouch V80.

Ripserver rips to FLAC - 06 Mar 2008

Ripfactory has announced the Ripserver, a sleek NAS with a slot-loading CD drive. Pop in a CD and it automatically rips to FLAC or MP3 and adds it to the media library. Ripserver can also run Slimserver and Twonkymedia for easy integration with Slim Devices, Sonos and many other networked media players.

Merge Records launches online store - 05 Mar 2008

Merge Records just launched their online store where you can buy albums in FLAC format.

Video Touch supports FLAC - 04 Mar 2008

The Video Touch PMP from PlayTomato supports FLAC.

Ghosts I-IV available in FLAC - 03 Mar 2008

Nine Inch Nails' Ghosts I-IV is on sale, with a FLAC download option.

iRiver E100 to support FLAC? - 02 Mar 2008

There are some indications that the upcoming E100 from iRiver will support FLAC.

BW-M2802 supports FLAC - 29 Feb 2008

Best Wisdom Industrial's new PMP, the BW-M2802, supports FLAC.

Celrun TV supports FLAC - 27 Feb 2008

The Celrun TV, an interesting HD multimedia player, supports FLAC.

The Tallis Scholars available in FLAC - 30 Jan 2008

Gimell Records offers their catalog of The Tallis Scholars in FLAC format in three versions: "CD Quality" at 16-bit/44.1kHz, "Studio Master" at 16-bit/88.2kHz, and "Studio Master Pro" at 24-bit/88.2kHz.

Ripfactory supports FLAC - 18 Jan 2008

Ripfactory's automated CD ripping products support FLAC.

DVD-Audio Solo supports FLAC - 17 Jan 2008

DVD-Audio Solo DVD-A authoring software supports FLAC.

New FLAC portables - 14 Jan 2008

It's time again for a bunch of new FLAC-supporting portables: the one-of-a-kind Pacemaker pocket-sized DJ system by Tonium, Garmin's nuvi 800 series nav systems with built-in audio player functionality, Latte's Ice, Gemei's X-590 and X-900, the Onda VX868, and finally one from SAFA.

Eagles' album available in FLAC - 13 Jan 2008

The Eagles' latest album Long Road Out Of Eden has also been released in FLAC format, including the deluxe edition.

20% chose FLAC for Niggy Tardust - 13 Jan 2008

Trent Reznor recently wrote about the sales numbers for Niggy Tardust, including that almost 20% of paying downloaders chose FLAC format.

Squeezebox Duet supports FLAC - 10 Jan 2008

The new Squeezebox Duet continues Slim Devices' tradition of excellent FLAC support.

New devices support FLAC - 12 Dec 2007

Another handful of recent devices support FLAC: the SageTV HD Media Extender, the Pioneer X-Z7 and X-Z9 audio systems, the iStation U43, BW-M2404 and Ramos RM970 portables, and the DV-1 Digital Media Reader from CodexNovus.

European Broadcasting Union adopts FLAC - 11 Dec 2007

The European Broadcasting Union has adopted FLAC for distribution of audio over its Euroradio network.

Vegas Pro 8 supports FLAC - 26 Oct 2007

Vegas Pro 8 supports FLAC, for both reading and writing.

Neuros OSD supports FLAC - 26 Oct 2007

Neuros' new Linux-based set-top box, the Neuros OSD, supports FLAC.

Digital Touch DT-2 supports FLAC - 26 Oct 2007

The new Digital Touch DT-2 portable audio player (which resembles the iPod Touch) supports FLAC.

Sound Forge supports FLAC - 21 Oct 2007

Sound Forge 9.0b supports FLAC, for both reading and writing.

SONAR 7 supports FLAC - 21 Oct 2007

SONAR 7 from Cakewalk supports FLAC for both importing and exporting.

Several new devices support FLAC - 21 Oct 2007

Several new devices support FLAC: Linn's Klimax DS networked digital music player, Pioneer's SC-LX90 amplifier, Denon's AVR-4308DAB receiver, Sound Devices' 7-Series recorders, the new WFR-20 Wi-Fi Internet Radio from Sangean, and OPPO's Super Five PMP.

Interview with Grooveshark - 21 Oct 2007

ZeroPaid has an interview with Josh Bonnain of Grooveshark about their novel distribution method where "everybody gets paid." Grooveshark supports FLAC, Vorbis and MP3.

FLAC 1.2.1 released - 21 Oct 2007

New in this release is support for all RIFF/AIFF metadata, including Broadcast Wave Format (BWF). There are many other small improvements and bug fixes; see the changelog entry for complete details.

FLAC 1.1.4 installer for OS X - 21 Oct 2007

An installer for flac-1.1.4 on OS X is now available. This includes universal binaries that will work on both Intel and PowerPC machines. A 1.2.0 update will be available soon.

Czech Radio releases free FLAC recordings - 21 Oct 2007

Czech Radio has released complete recordings of Bach's Brandenburg concertos in FLAC format, free to download.

Buffer overflow vulnerabilities fixed - 21 Oct 2007

Buffer overflow vulnerabilities reported by iDefense have been fixed in FLAC 1.2.1; make sure to upgrade.

FLAC 1.2.0 released - 23 Jul 2007

New in this release are small speed improvements, and some new options and bug fixes. Also the decoder has been updated to pave the way for some format improvements, so if your software supports FLAC be sure to check it out. See the changelog entry for complete details.

FLAC 1.1.4 released - 13 Feb 2007

Increased compression and dramatic speedups for both encoding and decoding are the big improvements in FLAC 1.1.4. There are also several new options and bugfixes. See the changelog entry for complete details.

FLAC 1.1.3 released - 27 Nov 2006

Almost 2 years in the making, FLAC 1.1.3 is a major release with improved compression, improved cover art and multichannel support, better recovery for corrupted files, many new features and options in the command-line tools, and several bug fixes. For developers, the decoder and encoder APIs have also been simplified and there is a new porting guide. See the changelog entry for complete details.

Winamp 5.31 ships with FLAC support - 25 Oct 2006

Winamp 5.31 now includes Nullsoft FLAC plugins for encoding and decoding. The decoder is based on our reference decoder plugin. However the current encoder plugin is based on a pre-release of flake and we recommend to not use it for archival yet.

Volvo's Digital Jukebox plays FLAC - 20 Dec 2005

Want some FLAC with your Volvo? Volvo's Digital Jukebox, developed with PhatNoise, is fully integrated with the car's audio system and available for the S60, V70, XC70, and S80. PhatNoise's PhatBox in 2002 was the first device to support FLAC natively and has gained a loyal following. The Digital Jukebox and PhatBox also support Ogg Vorbis.

Live2496 now records directly to FLAC - 21 Sep 2005

Live2496, a program that can record 24-bit audio up to 96kHz on a Pocket PC (using Core Sound's PDAudio interface) now supports recording directly to FLAC.

Olive's new Symphony component supports FLAC - 10 Aug 2005

The new Symphony wireless digital music center by Olive supports FLAC

YME supports FLAC and Vorbis - 11 May 2005

Yahoo! Music Engine supports FLAC and Ogg Vorbis, for playback and ripping/encoding

PONTIS' MS330 supports FLAC and Vorbis - 10 May 2005

The new MS330 Media Server from PONTIS supports FLAC and Ogg Vorbis. In addition to playing from the internal hard disk, CD drive, and 6-in-1 flash card slot, it can also be connected to a network, and even a TV for graphical navigation, cover art, photo viewing, etc.

Sonos now supports FLAC and Vorbis - 02 May 2005

The Sonos Digital Music System now supports FLAC and Ogg Vorbis

iAUDIO X5 portable supports FLAC and Vorbis - 23 Apr 2005

The new portable iAUDIO X5 from COWON supports FLAC and Ogg Vorbis

Squeezebox2 supports FLAC on the box - 09 Mar 2005

Slim Devices' new Squeezebox2 supports FLAC decoding on the box, reducing the amount of precious wireless bandwidth required for FLAC playback.

FLAC 1.1.2 released - 05 Feb 2005

New in this release are small decoding speedups for all platforms, small encoding speedups in fast (non-LPC) mode, streaming support in the XMMS plugin, and several bug fixes. For developers there are also a few additions and changes to the metadata API to make working with tags easier. See the changelog entry for complete details. This release actually wasn't supposed to happen so soon, but needed to be made to fix library naming and build problems in FLAC 1.1.1 that caused trouble for package maintainers, so unless you are having trouble with one of the particular bugs that got fixed in 1.1.2 then there is not much of a need to upgrade.

Several new devices support FLAC - 17 Jan 2005

Another handful of devices that support FLAC are out or announced: the Zensonic Z500 Networked DVD Media Player, Escient's new FireBall E2-40, E2-160, and DVDM-300, the M300A Digital Music Player from Digital Techniques, Meda Systems' Bravo servers, and the MS300 Music Server by McIntosh Laboratory.

Escient's new FireBall E2-300 supports FLAC - 12 Nov 2004

Escient has a new home stereo component that supports FLAC, the FireBall E2-300

New Mindawn music store offers FLAC and Vorbis - 02 Nov 2004

Mindawn, a new online music service offering FLAC and Ogg Vorbis, is now open. They also have a multi-platform (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X) CD ripper/encoder and are finishing up a multi-platform player

FLAC 1.1.1 released - 01 Oct 2004

There is a new changelog with a complete list of changes/fixes/improvements, but some of the main ones include: Better Ogg FLAC support including seeking and an official Ogg FLAC mapping, significant decoding speedup (almost 2x) on PowerPC (includes Macs with G4/G5), speedups in the plugins, several new options to flac and metaflac by popular demand, several API additions requested by developers and many bugfixes.

The Furthur Network now supports FLAC - 27 Jul 2004

The Furthur Network, a legal-live music sharing P2P network, now supports FLAC

Bonnaroo soundboard recordings available in FLAC - 21 Jun 2004

Several sets from the Bonnaroo Music Festival are available in FLAC, including Dave Matthews & Friends and String Cheese Incident, with more to follow as the soundboard recordings are approved by the bands.

Metallica offers live shows in FLAC - 03 Mar 2004

Metallica is offering soundboard recordings of live shows in FLAC format

Charlie Hunter makes select albums available in FLAC - 03 Feb 2004

Charlie Hunter is making select albums available for download in FLAC and MP3 formats.

PhatNoise's new Home Digital Media Player supports FLAC - 19 Nov 2003

PhatNoise (makers of the PhatBox, which also plays FLAC) just released their Home Digital Media Player. It includes a DMS cartridge slot so you can pop out your FLAC tunes and pop 'em in your car.

Slim's new 'Squeezebox' supports FLAC - 18 Nov 2003

Slim Devices' new Squeezebox, the wireless follow-on to the SliMP3 networked audio player, is available and supports FLAC and Ogg Vorbis

Primus offers live shows in FLAC - 11 Nov 2003

Primus is offering soundboard recordings from 2003 Tour de Fromage in FLAC and MP3 on primuslive.com

Magnatune catalog available in FLAC - 13 Oct 2003

Independent record label Magnatune is now offering their catalog in FLAC and Vorbis in addition to MP3

New Rio Karma supports FLAC - 11 Aug 2003

Rio has announced a new portable, the Rio Karma, which supports FLAC and Ogg Vorbis

livephish.com offers FLAC shows - 23 Jun 2003

livephish.com is now offering soundboard recordings of live shows in FLAC format in addition to MP3

ReQuest adds FLAC support - 09 Feb 2003

ReQuest Multimedia's AudioReQuest music servers now support FLAC

FLAC joins the Xiph project - 29 Jan 2003

FLAC has joined the Xiph project. Xiph.org is behind other free codecs such as Vorbis, Theora, and Speex. Our merger with Xiph will bring FLAC into the ranks and lead to better integration with the Ogg multimedia framework. Note that the FLAC format is not changing, native FLAC will continue to exist, and the command-line tools and plugins will continue to work as before. The codec libraries will now be available under Xiph's BSD-like license. Over the next few days we will be transitioning normal operations off SourceForge and over to Xiph.org; first will be CVS and the web pages, followed by the mailing lists, bug tracker, and file release area. We will keep a mirror here until the transition is complete. It's OK to send patches to the flac-dev list but they won't be able to be integrated until CVS is fully moved over.

FLAC 1.1.0 released - 26 Jan 2003

I didn't get everything in that I wanted, but it's high time for a release. Note that the minor version has incremented, meaning forward compatibility was broken (forward compatibility means an earlier decoder can play all streams made by a later decoder). This is only because of a bug in 1.0.4 and prior where the decoder could not properly skip unknown metadata. The stream format itself has not changed and FLAC is still fully backward-compatible. All it means is that a FLAC file containing cue sheet metadata will not decode in older decoders. This bug is fixed in 1.1.0

FLAC 1.0.4 released - 24 Sep 2002

There are a lot of improvements since 1.0.3, see the changelog for more

Rio Receiver - 22 Aug 2002

FLAC support has been added to the Rio Receiver and Dell Digital Audio Receiver via David Flowerday's RioPlay client. See here for the announcement.

FLAC 1.0.3 released - 03 Jul 2002

Although by version number only a 0.0.1 increment, this release is significant. Remember, micro-revisions mean the FLAC format remains both forward and backward compatible, however, the libFLAC API has changed for the better

FLAC goes hardware - 13 Feb 2002

PhatNoise has become the first commercial hardware platform to support FLAC. Firmware is now available for the Phatbox player to play FLAC files

FLAC 1.0.2 released - 03 Dec 2001

This release is only to fix a bug that was causing some of the plugins to crash sporadically

FLAC 1.0.1 released - 14 Nov 2001

The core codec is unchanged but there have been some features added and some bugs fixed

FLAC 1.0 is out - 20 Jul 2001

It's finally here. There are a few new features but mostly it is minor bug fixes since 0.10

FLAC 0.10 released - 07 Jun 2001

This is probably the final beta. There have been many improvements in the last two months

FLAC 0.9 released - 31 Mar 2001

There were some format changes that broke backwards compatibility but these should be the last. Also, there have been several bug fixes and some new features

FLAC 0.8 released - 05 Mar 2001

This release is a result of extensive testing and fixes several bugs encountered when pushing the encoder to the limit. I'm pretty confident in the stability of the encoder/decoder now for all kinds of input. There have also been several features added. Here is a complete list of the changes since 0.7

FLAC 0.7 released - 12 Feb 2001

This is mainly a bug fix release

FLAC 0.6 released - 28 Jan 2001

The encoder is now much faster. The -m option has been sped up by 4x and -r improved, meaning that in the default compression mode (-6), encoding should be at least 3 times faster

FLAC 0.5 released - 15 Jan 2001

This is the first beta version of FLAC. Being beta, there will be no changes to the format that will break older streams, unless a serious bug involving the format is found. What this means is that, barring such a bug, streams created with 0.5 will be decodable by future versions

FLAC 0.4 released - 23 Dec 2000

This version fixes a bug in the constant subframe detection. More importantly, a verify option (-V) has been added to flac that verifies the encoding process. With this option turned on, flac will create a parallel decoder while encoding to make sure that the encoded output decodes to exactly match the original input. In this way, any unknown bug in the encoder will be caught and flac will abort with an error message

FLAC debuts on SourceForge - 10 Dec 2000

The FLAC project is now being hosted on SourceForge. Visit the FLAC project page to join the mailing list or sign up as a developer