This is an informal changelog, a summary of changes in each release. (See also known bugs.) Particularly important for developers is the precise description of changes to the library interfaces. See also the porting guide for specific instructions on porting to newer versions of FLAC.
FLAC 1.3.4 (20-Feb-2022)

This release mostly fixes (security related) bugs. When building with MSVC, using CMake is preferred, see the README under "Building with CMake" for more information. Building with MSVC using solution files is deprecated and these files will be removed in the future.

FLAC 1.3.3 (4-Augs-2019)

FLAC 1.3.2 (01-Jan-2017)

FLAC 1.3.1 (25-Nov-2014)

FLAC 1.3.0 (26-May-2013)

FLAC 1.2.1 (17-Sep-2007)

FLAC 1.2.0 (23-Jul-2007)

FLAC 1.1.4 (13-Feb-2007)

FLAC 1.1.3 (27-Nov-2006)

FLAC 1.1.2 (05-Feb-2005)

FLAC 1.1.1 (01-Oct-2004)

FLAC 1.1.0 (26-Jan-2003)

FLAC 1.0.4 (24-Sep-2002)

FLAC 1.0.3 (03-Jul-2002)

FLAC 1.0.2 (03-Dec-2001)

FLAC 1.0.1 (14-Nov-2001)

FLAC 1.0 (20-Jul-2001)

FLAC 0.10 (07-Jun-2001)

FLAC 0.9 (31-Mar-2001)

FLAC 0.8 (05-Mar-2001)

FLAC 0.7 (12-Feb-2001)

FLAC 0.6 (28-Jan-2001)

FLAC 0.5 (15-Jan-2001)

FLAC 0.4 (23-Dec-2000)