FLAC joins the Xiph project

29 Jan 2003

FLAC has joined the Xiph project. Xiph.org is behind other free codecs such as Vorbis, Theora, and Speex. Our merger with Xiph will bring FLAC into the ranks and lead to better integration with the Ogg multimedia framework. Note that the FLAC format is not changing, native FLAC will continue to exist, and the command-line tools and plugins will continue to work as before. The codec libraries will now be available under Xiph's BSD-like license. Over the next few days we will be transitioning normal operations off SourceForge and over to Xiph.org; first will be CVS and the web pages, followed by the mailing lists, bug tracker, and file release area. We will keep a mirror here until the transition is complete. It's OK to send patches to the flac-dev list but they won't be able to be integrated until CVS is fully moved over.