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libTheora 1.1 alpha 2 release: next-generation 'Thusnelda' encoder

Xiph.Org is pleased to announce the second alpha release of our next generation encoder for the free Theora video format, codename "Thusnelda". The second release incorporates a number of changes which improve both compression efficiency and execution speed.

This release includes working MSVC project files, but the assembly optimization hasn't yet been ported, so performance there will still be slow. We recommend the xmingw32 build (cross compiled with gcc) if performance on Windows is important.

Source archives are available from the usual location:

SHA-1 checksums:

864872064ea32829f4aff48518248a8e46b16f00  libtheora-1.1alpha2.tar.bz2
96d2fb96b8729d614b64a437da0e5f0795c7b9f8  libtheora-1.1alpha2.tar.gz
a8167402c3fe4c7ec2e23dcb255b3e2c016b6f4b  libtheora-1.1alpha2.zip

MD5 checksums:

ddcdba802154b39072d5182c97153c0e  libtheora-1.1alpha2.tar.bz2
d98a2f27d1e94ac424f188aff267ecec  libtheora-1.1alpha2.tar.gz
dcff53c1486a383a979db2f2cfc5a942  libtheora-1.1alpha2.zip

Thanks to everyone whose work made this release possible.


This prerelease continues Open and Free Software's commitment to accessible media and the public interest. Open video matters! Xiph.Org would also like to extend thanks to Red Hat, Inc., Wikimedia, and the Mozilla Foundation for lending mindshare, developers and funding:

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