FLAC  1.4.3
Free Lossless Audio Codec
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FLAC++/metadata.h: metadata object classes




class  FLAC::Metadata::Prototype
class  FLAC::Metadata::StreamInfo
class  FLAC::Metadata::Padding
class  FLAC::Metadata::Application
class  FLAC::Metadata::SeekTable
class  FLAC::Metadata::VorbisComment
class  FLAC::Metadata::CueSheet
class  FLAC::Metadata::Picture
class  FLAC::Metadata::Unknown


PrototypeFLAC::Metadata::clone (const Prototype *)

Detailed Description

This module contains classes representing FLAC metadata blocks in memory.

The behavior closely mimics the C layer interface; be sure to read the detailed description of the C metadata object module .

Any time a metadata object is constructed or assigned, you should check is_valid() to make sure the underlying FLAC__StreamMetadata object was able to be created.

When the get_*() methods of any metadata object method return you a const pointer, DO NOT disobey and write into it. Always use the set_*() methods.

Function Documentation

◆ clone()

Prototype* FLAC::Metadata::clone ( const Prototype )

Create a deep copy of an object and return it.

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