FLAC  1.4.3
Free Lossless Audio Codec
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#include <metadata.h>

Inheritance diagram for FLAC::Metadata::Unknown:

Public Member Functions

 Unknown (const Unknown &object)
 Unknown (const ::FLAC__StreamMetadata &object)
 Unknown (const ::FLAC__StreamMetadata *object)
 Unknown (::FLAC__StreamMetadata *object, bool copy)
Unknownoperator= (const Unknown &object)
Unknownoperator= (const ::FLAC__StreamMetadata &object)
Unknownoperator= (const ::FLAC__StreamMetadata *object)
Unknownassign (::FLAC__StreamMetadata *object, bool copy)
bool operator== (const Unknown &object) const
bool operator== (const ::FLAC__StreamMetadata &object) const
bool operator== (const ::FLAC__StreamMetadata *object) const
bool operator!= (const Unknown &object) const
bool operator!= (const ::FLAC__StreamMetadata &object) const
bool operator!= (const ::FLAC__StreamMetadata *object) const
const FLAC__byte * get_data () const
bool set_data (const FLAC__byte *data, uint32_t length)
bool set_data (FLAC__byte *data, uint32_t length, bool copy)
bool operator== (const Prototype &) const
bool operator!= (const Prototype &) const
bool is_valid () const
bool get_is_last () const
::FLAC__MetadataType get_type () const
uint32_t get_length () const
void set_is_last (bool)
 operator const ::FLAC__StreamMetadata * () const

Protected Member Functions

Prototypeassign_object (::FLAC__StreamMetadata *object, bool copy)
virtual void clear ()

Protected Attributes


Detailed Description

Opaque metadata block for storing unknown types. This should not be used unless you know what you are doing; it is currently used only internally to support forward compatibility of metadata blocks. See the overview for more,

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