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September 11, 2008

cdparanoia 10.2 final released

10.2 is a substantial upgrade release over 10.1.

10.2 includes a raft of minor bugfixes in device scan, device autosense and the transport layer.

More importantly, 10.2 addresses serious CDROM drive cache modelling deficiencies that exist in earlier versions. In a nutshell, a sizable fraction of modern drives exhibit new and exciting readahead cache abuses/bugs of which older versions of cdparanoia were not fully aware. This means that skips and cracks could slip through the cache management strategy of older versions completely undetected. 10.2 fully addresses and models these new cache behaviors.

10.2 also includes a cache analysis option (-A) to do a slow and thorough offline check of the drive's cache behavior. The feature also dumps a detailed log to assist in debugging should either the test or cdparanoia's ripping go awry in any way. After all... better thoroughly safe than sorry.

May 6, 2008

Pillage for OS X released: Graphical Cdparanoia for MacOS

"Gentlemen - Pillage. Is. Alive!"


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