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"This software comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. Even if it erases your hard drive, too bad. Although we did fix that bug from the last release."
--README from a long-ago release of DJGPP

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September 11, 2008

Download cdparanoia

Cdparanoia release 10

Current stable release version: cdparanoia III 10.2

Cdparanoia release 9

Previous stable release version: cdparanoia III 9.8

Anonymous read-only Subversion access

Release notes:

Cdparanoia 10 is the current stable release; it should be chosen to run on stable systems. Please, check the buglist before reporting problems!. Most difficulties in getting cdparanoia to work are due to failing to read the documentation. If cdparanoia doesn't run after installing, read the troubleshooting page before writing.

If the buglist and troubleshooting page don't help, please don't hesitate to send mail. People do find new bugs now and then, especially in prereleases, and they only get fixed when reported. If it's not a bug, it's probably something I missed on the buglist or troubleshooting faq, and you shouldn't feel guilty about that :-)


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