FLAC  1.4.3
Free Lossless Audio Codec
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#include <metadata.h>


class  Status

Public Member Functions

bool is_valid () const
bool init (const char *filename, bool read_only, bool preserve_file_stats)
Status status ()
bool is_writable () const
bool next ()
bool prev ()
bool is_last () const
off_t get_block_offset () const
::FLAC__MetadataType get_block_type () const
uint32_t get_block_length () const
bool get_application_id (FLAC__byte *id)
Prototypeget_block ()
bool set_block (Prototype *block, bool use_padding=true)
bool insert_block_after (Prototype *block, bool use_padding=true)
bool delete_block (bool use_padding=true)

Protected Member Functions

void clear ()

Protected Attributes


Detailed Description

This class is a wrapper around the FLAC__metadata_simple_iterator structures and methods; see the usage guide and FLAC__Metadata_SimpleIterator.

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