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vorbisfile version 1.3.2 - 20101101


declared in "vorbis/vorbisfile.h";

Seeks to the offset specified (in pcm samples) within the physical bitstream. This variant of ov_pcm_seek also automatically crosslaps the transition from the previous playback position into the new playback position in order to eliminate clicking and boundary discontinuities. Otherwise, usage and behavior is identical to ov_pcm_seek.

ov_pcm_seek_lap also updates everything needed within the decoder, so you can immediately call ov_read() and get data from the newly seeked to position.

ov_pcm_seek_lap will lap between logical stream links of differing numbers of channels. Any extra channels from the origin of the seek are ignored; playback of these channels simply ends. Extra channels at the destination are lapped from silence. ov_pcm_seek_lap will also lap between logical stream links of differing sample rates. In this case, the sample rates are ignored (no implicit resampling is done to match playback). It is up to the application developer to decide if this behavior makes any sense in a given context; in practical use, these default behaviors perform sensibly.

This function only works for seekable streams.

int ov_pcm_seek_lap(OggVorbis_File *vf,ogg_int64_t pos);


A pointer to the OggVorbis_File structure--this is used for ALL the externally visible libvorbisfile functions.
Position in pcm samples to seek to in the bitstream.

Return Values

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Vorbisfile documentation

vorbisfile version 1.3.2 - 20101101