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libvorbis version 1.3.2 - 20101101


declared in "vorbis/codec.h";

This function initializes a vorbis_comment structure for use. After calling this function, the vorbis_comment structure contains no comments.

Note: No internal storage is allocated by this function; internal storage is allocated as needed by other libvorbis functions that modify the vorbis_comment structure. If you modify the vorbis_comment structure directly, without using libvorbis, you should not call vorbis_comment_clear when you are finished but instead clean up after it yourself. See the note on the vorbis_comment_clear page for more information.

extern void     vorbis_comment_init(vorbis_comment *vc);


Pointer to the vorbis_comment structure to initialize.

Return Values

  • None.

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