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Project development information.

Work on the project is far from being finished and we appreciate any help and support we can get.

The simplest, but important nonetheless, way of helping us is by using the components and letting us know if they don't work the way you expected. Especially if the release notes state they should work that way.

For those who would like to get a little bit more involved or are just curious how XiphQT internals work and what are our plans - please read on...

Planned features

Here is a brief overview of the features we envisage in the future releases, in no particular order:

  • support for the Ogg container and all the Xiph audio and video formats: Vorbis, FLAC, Speex and Theora;
  • support for both decompression and compression;
  • support for all the operating systems and platforms on which QuickTime can be run;
  • support for using Xiph format encoded data in the QuickTime native ".mov" file format.

If you think we missed some essential feature in the above list - let us know!

SVN access

In addition to the source packages accompanying every binary release the latest, "live", version of the XiphQT source code is publicly available in on-line Subversion (SVN) repository.

XiphQT source code is located in module 'xiph-qt' in the '/trunk' development branch of the Xiph SVN repository. You can also browse the source tree using a more functional interface.

For more information on using the Xiph SVN repository please refer to the Xiph SVN pages.

Mailing lists

The ogg-dev@xiph.org mailing list is the place where you can contact XiphQT and other xiph.org developers or discuss issues related to the development of the XiphQT components. This is also a good place to ask questions about embedding and using the components' functionality in your application.

Xiph.org also maintains a number of other, format-specific mailing lists which may be of interest. You can learn more on xiph.org mailing lists page.