liboggz  1.1.1
Here is a list of all modules:
oOgg basics
oBuilding against liboggz
oOggz Read APIOggz parses Ogg bitstreams, forming ogg_packet structures, and calling your OggzReadPacket callback(s)
oOggz Seek APIOggz can seek on multitrack, multicodec bitstreams
oSemantics of seeking in Ogg bitstreams
oUsing OggzMetric
oWriting by force feeding OggzForce feeding involves synchronously:
oWriting with OggzHungry callbacksYou can add packets to the Oggz packet queue only when it is "hungry" by providing an OggzHungry callback
\Oggz Write APIOggz maintains a packet queue, such that you can independently add packets to the queue and write an Ogg bitstream