liboggz  1.1.1
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
o*oggz.hThe liboggz C API
o*oggz_comments.hReading of comments
o*oggz_constants.hGeneral constants used by liboggz
o*oggz_deprecated.hDeprecated interfaces
o*oggz_io.hOverriding the functions used for input and output of raw data
o*oggz_off_t.hArchitecture-dependent type and printf format for file position
o*oggz_off_t_generated.hArchitecture-dependent type for oggz_off_t
o*oggz_packet.hPacket positioning
o*oggz_read.hInterfaces for reading Ogg files and streams
o*oggz_seek.hSeeking within files
o*oggz_stream.hInterfaces for querying Ogg streams
o*oggz_table.hA lookup table
\*oggz_write.hInterfaces for writing Ogg files and streams