FLAC  1.4.3
Free Lossless Audio Codec
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FLAC__IOCallbacks Struct Reference

#include <callback.h>

Public Attributes

FLAC__IOCallback_Read read
FLAC__IOCallback_Write write
FLAC__IOCallback_Seek seek
FLAC__IOCallback_Tell tell
FLAC__IOCallback_Eof eof
FLAC__IOCallback_Close close

Detailed Description

A structure for holding a set of callbacks. Each FLAC interface that requires a FLAC__IOCallbacks structure will describe which of the callbacks are required. The ones that are not required may be set to NULL.

If the seek requirement for an interface is optional, you can signify that a data source is not seekable by setting the seek field to NULL.

See the detailed documentation for callbacks in the callbacks module.

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