flac + itunes
Would you like iTunes to support FLAC? So would we!

Due to the design of iTunes, only Apple can add support for FLAC [1]. And why wouldn't they? FLAC usage is accelerating, many bands like Pearl Jam, The Beatles, Phish, Dave Matthews Band, Metallica -- the same hip, influential people whose fans Apple courts -- are already distributing music in FLAC format, and users are clamoring for it in the iTunes forums.

Make your voice heard! Fill out the iTunes feedback form (politely!) and let them know. Feel free to also direct them to this page. We at the FLAC project stand ready to help as well.

[1] XiphQT, through tremendous effort by developers, goes as far as possible in allowing some playback capability via QuickTime. But proper iTunes support -- tag handling, no import delays, etc. -- is not possible without Apple.