FLAC  1.3.1
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FLAC__Subframe_LPC Struct Reference

#include <format.h>

Public Attributes

FLAC__EntropyCodingMethod entropy_coding_method
unsigned order
unsigned qlp_coeff_precision
int quantization_level
FLAC__int32 qlp_coeff [FLAC__MAX_LPC_ORDER]
FLAC__int32 warmup [FLAC__MAX_LPC_ORDER]
const FLAC__int32 * residual

Detailed Description

LPC subframe. (c.f. format specification)

Member Data Documentation

FLAC__EntropyCodingMethod FLAC__Subframe_LPC::entropy_coding_method

The residual coding method.

unsigned FLAC__Subframe_LPC::order

The FIR order.

unsigned FLAC__Subframe_LPC::qlp_coeff_precision

Quantized FIR filter coefficient precision in bits.

int FLAC__Subframe_LPC::quantization_level

The qlp coeff shift needed.

FLAC__int32 FLAC__Subframe_LPC::qlp_coeff[FLAC__MAX_LPC_ORDER]

FIR filter coefficients.

FLAC__int32 FLAC__Subframe_LPC::warmup[FLAC__MAX_LPC_ORDER]

Warmup samples to prime the predictor, length == order.

const FLAC__int32* FLAC__Subframe_LPC::residual

The residual signal, length == (blocksize minus order) samples.

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