FLAC  1.3.1
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FLAC__FrameHeader Struct Reference

#include <format.h>

Public Attributes

unsigned blocksize
unsigned sample_rate
unsigned channels
FLAC__ChannelAssignment channel_assignment
unsigned bits_per_sample
FLAC__FrameNumberType number_type
union {
   FLAC__uint32   frame_number
   FLAC__uint64   sample_number
FLAC__uint8 crc

Detailed Description

FLAC frame header structure. (c.f. format specification)

Member Data Documentation

unsigned FLAC__FrameHeader::blocksize

The number of samples per subframe.

unsigned FLAC__FrameHeader::sample_rate

The sample rate in Hz.

unsigned FLAC__FrameHeader::channels

The number of channels (== number of subframes).

FLAC__ChannelAssignment FLAC__FrameHeader::channel_assignment

The channel assignment for the frame.

unsigned FLAC__FrameHeader::bits_per_sample

The sample resolution.

FLAC__FrameNumberType FLAC__FrameHeader::number_type

The numbering scheme used for the frame. As a convenience, the decoder will always convert a frame number to a sample number because the rules are complex.

union { ... } FLAC__FrameHeader::number

The frame number or sample number of first sample in frame; use the number_type value to determine which to use.

FLAC__uint8 FLAC__FrameHeader::crc

CRC-8 (polynomial = x^8 + x^2 + x^1 + x^0, initialized with 0) of the raw frame header bytes, meaning everything before the CRC byte including the sync code.

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