FLAC  1.3.1
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FLAC__EntropyCodingMethod_PartitionedRiceContents Struct Reference

#include <format.h>

Public Attributes

unsigned * parameters
unsigned * raw_bits
unsigned capacity_by_order

Detailed Description

Contents of a Rice partitioned residual

Member Data Documentation

unsigned* FLAC__EntropyCodingMethod_PartitionedRiceContents::parameters

The Rice parameters for each context.

unsigned* FLAC__EntropyCodingMethod_PartitionedRiceContents::raw_bits

Widths for escape-coded partitions. Will be non-zero for escaped partitions and zero for unescaped partitions.

unsigned FLAC__EntropyCodingMethod_PartitionedRiceContents::capacity_by_order

The capacity of the parameters and raw_bits arrays specified as an order, i.e. the number of array elements allocated is 2 ^ capacity_by_order.

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