FLAC  1.4.3
Free Lossless Audio Codec
FLAC++/encoder.h: encoder classes


class  FLAC::Encoder::Stream
class  FLAC::Encoder::File

Detailed Description

This module describes the encoder layers provided by libFLAC++.

The libFLAC++ encoder classes are object wrappers around their counterparts in libFLAC. All encoding layers available in libFLAC are also provided here. The interface is very similar; make sure to read the libFLAC encoder module .

There are only two significant differences here. First, instead of passing in C function pointers for callbacks, you inherit from the encoder class and provide implementations for the callbacks in your derived class; because of this there is no need for a 'client_data' property.

Second, there are two stream encoder classes. FLAC::Encoder::Stream is used for the same cases that FLAC__stream_encoder_init_stream() / FLAC__stream_encoder_init_ogg_stream() are used, and FLAC::Encoder::File is used for the same cases that FLAC__stream_encoder_init_FILE() and FLAC__stream_encoder_init_file() / FLAC__stream_encoder_init_ogg_FILE() and FLAC__stream_encoder_init_ogg_file() are used.

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